Monday, August 17, 2009

David 'Pygar' Cardamone, Lightweight MMA Champ

David 'Pygar' Cardamone is a lightweight MMA champ of epic, saga proportions. A true Viking. He fights like a keen, sharp-sensed gladiator, using other senses, for his eyesight is not too good, without his glasses. In fact, his opponments, look like blurry blobs.
David can't see well. When demostrating his bad eyesight to others, by letting others try on his glasses, they can see for themselves how bad David's eyesight is. They say, and comment, "Whoa, your'e blind". He is called 'Pygar', named after the blind angel in the sci-fi movie, Barbarella.
David, despite being blind, well, he is not exactly legally blind, but he is not exactly 20/20 either. However, he has done 27 professional fights in the ring, fighting on Extreme Kickboxing and Extreme Fighting, produced by Dale 'Apollo' Cook.
Four MidAmerican MMA lightweight Champion belts, 1 MidAmerican Kickboxing Middleweight Champion belt (fought middleweight as a lightweight). 27 fights, 21 wins, 21 ko/sub, 5 loss, 1 tie.. fought on JAPAN TV, TNN, Cable, Fox.

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